Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Couple more figures and a landscape

First two are some more life figures. I used Painter for much of the first one.

The third is a 4th floor window view of Columbus, in acrylic. We were supposed to go on location but since it was rainy we stayed inside and painted for a period.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some acrylic life landscape stuff

A couple more to come, but here's some I had in my computer right now.

The bridge one was about 2-3 hours, gray city was about 2 hours, the water one was about 4-ish.

The bride was this awesome, antique train bridge over the oletangy river in Columbus. The second is a view of Columbus from the window of my 4th floor painting class. The third is the view of a creek at Whetstone park of roses, also at Columbus.

They're all pretty small.

Lotsa figure paintings!

More quick digital life paintings, coming right up!

I tried to post them in chronological order.

Most of these were one-session poses, which means about 2-2.5 hours. Some were done in class, and some I did voluntarily in the "open figure" sessions my school offers for free.

I saved an average of five steps for each one I did, but still have to put most of them together. It takes more time than I'd like though, so unless someone asks me to I probably won't...

Anyway, I feel like I'm finally getting a little better at understanding how light plays on human flesh, though I think I have a ways to go still before I can really portray it accurately without any reference at all...

Anyway, I've been trying to get away from layering, and instead working on selecting accurate color the first time.

Some illustration stuff

Though not all-inclusive, here are a couple things I did for illustration classes. More on the way.

First one: here's the "final version" of that cover.

2nd one: An illustration for a hypothetical card game about superstitions. This one was: If you leave a house through a different door than the one you came in through, it's bad luck.

3rd and 4th ones: A couple of spot illustrations based on different types of "annoying facebook users". It was an exercise in how quickly we could work: they had to be read, concepted, and done before the end of class.
3rd one is "the vowel lover"
4th one is "the verbal acrobat"

Some structural stuff

More structural drawing.
Again, this is not all-inclusive.

First you see a couple of exercises,
then a design for a night hiking lamp,
then some brainstorming for gas mask redesigns,
then some ideas/drawings for redesigning the hand-powered juicer,
then some ideas for totally redesigning a can opener (had some fun with this one!)

Some concept stuff

Just some miscellaneous sketches and stuff, for now two storylines I'm working on... I'll explain them both later when I put up more polished stuff...

Oh, and the first thing has nothing to do with them. It's just an experimental sketch.

Storyboards for promotional video pitch

First time I've ever done a storyboard before.

My school needs a promotional video, and is having the students do it in what's called the "pipeline project". The project is a voluntary thing where CCAD students come together to come up with an idea, and execute a video.

It's supposedly good "real world" experience.

I made a storyboard that shows an allegory of a student's experience at CCAD in sort of an "action-adventure" style.

I didn't use any ref for any of the storyboard, because I was afraid having it would tempt me to detail the crap out of it, and I was trying to draw it out pretty quickly. So yeah, there are some anatomy problems but it's just supposed to get the idea across.