Monday, June 20, 2011

Catching Up, pt. 2

Next, I jumped into TAD foundations semester 2 in February of this year.  Overall, I think it's a great program!  Visit this link for more info:

Here's some of the stuff I did (not all of it though!):

Cast Drawing progress

Color/composition class

Some comp studies for color/composition 2

More comp studies

My own comps for fear/foreboding

Here's some stuff I did in Figure Drawing 2:

Idealized male/female project

Fun with child anatomy, something I find difficult to get "right"

I decided to make up my own species instead for this.
We did a lot of studies where we spun the figure in our head.

Study from life I did at Panera Bread
... same thing, but at night

This one is a lighting scenario from imagination.  Sort of an "apocalyptic sunset" where that main light is out.

Corvette I did from life in a cold garage
Same version, at night
Here's my version from imagination.  I learned a lot studying the lighting on car photography (which I found is actually incredibly inaccurate with all the compositing and post-processing).  Actually, mine's pretty inaccurate because I made it a lot more reflective than it would be in real life.
Here's an aircraft I painted from life in a local air museum.

...and this is lighting from imagination.  Great exercise!
Here's something for painting class/last man standing.  It was done as a collab with Colin Boyer (  We had a LOT of ideas and weeks of process work to finally arrive at this composition and concept but it was a lot of fun.

Honors studio is a great program - it's a class where we get real art directors or artists as guest teachers to give us real world type assignments and critique them.

For Art Director of Popular Mechanics - an article about space tourism

For Anita Kunz (mock New Yorker cover)

For the art director of EveryIPublishing, a company that makes sequential art stories for the iPhone
For Gary Kelley, a Calendar that expressed a duet (mine was May, I decided to do an interior design that wove man and nature).  Still not done yet!
A sample of the many sketches I did for Valve, in a redesign of a Portal turret
Here's a WIP of my final rendering for a mobile version.  I lost my more final version when my power went out but I plan to go back and make it better sometime.

For Jeremy Cranford, art director at Blizzard - a mock card illustration!

3D Class:

The first object I made, in modo

I made this in 3DS Max, which was new and uncomfortable at the time, but now more comfortable than modo was.

Catching Up, pt. 1

I can't believe it, but it's been about a year and a half since I've updated this blog with artwork.  I even have a post about my stupid reasons for not doing so.

Now, because blogs are supposed to be current, I don't want to waste a bunch of posts putting up what I WOULD have if I'd been updating in a timely fashion.  But to take you from where I left off to December 2010, here's some of the stuff:

I graduated CCAD in 2010 and went on to do some freelance, which is still under NDA so I won't post that until it's out.