Monday, June 20, 2011

Catching Up, pt. 2

Next, I jumped into TAD foundations semester 2 in February of this year.  Overall, I think it's a great program!  Visit this link for more info:

Here's some of the stuff I did (not all of it though!):

Cast Drawing progress

Color/composition class

Some comp studies for color/composition 2

More comp studies

My own comps for fear/foreboding

Here's some stuff I did in Figure Drawing 2:

Idealized male/female project

Fun with child anatomy, something I find difficult to get "right"

I decided to make up my own species instead for this.
We did a lot of studies where we spun the figure in our head.

Study from life I did at Panera Bread
... same thing, but at night

This one is a lighting scenario from imagination.  Sort of an "apocalyptic sunset" where that main light is out.

Corvette I did from life in a cold garage
Same version, at night
Here's my version from imagination.  I learned a lot studying the lighting on car photography (which I found is actually incredibly inaccurate with all the compositing and post-processing).  Actually, mine's pretty inaccurate because I made it a lot more reflective than it would be in real life.
Here's an aircraft I painted from life in a local air museum.

...and this is lighting from imagination.  Great exercise!
Here's something for painting class/last man standing.  It was done as a collab with Colin Boyer (  We had a LOT of ideas and weeks of process work to finally arrive at this composition and concept but it was a lot of fun.

Honors studio is a great program - it's a class where we get real art directors or artists as guest teachers to give us real world type assignments and critique them.

For Art Director of Popular Mechanics - an article about space tourism

For Anita Kunz (mock New Yorker cover)

For the art director of EveryIPublishing, a company that makes sequential art stories for the iPhone
For Gary Kelley, a Calendar that expressed a duet (mine was May, I decided to do an interior design that wove man and nature).  Still not done yet!
A sample of the many sketches I did for Valve, in a redesign of a Portal turret
Here's a WIP of my final rendering for a mobile version.  I lost my more final version when my power went out but I plan to go back and make it better sometime.

For Jeremy Cranford, art director at Blizzard - a mock card illustration!

3D Class:

The first object I made, in modo

I made this in 3DS Max, which was new and uncomfortable at the time, but now more comfortable than modo was.

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Erik Johnson said...

Rather timely posting, I just was wondering what you were up to lately.

Creating your own species I see. From now on I probably won't be able to imagine you without the gloomy gothic castle setting and lightning in the background like so:

Actually designing a crumbling castle laboratory might be an interesting project for you with the juxtaposition of state of the art technology and a building made from the rocky landscape, two things that you do both well and frequently. Just a thought anyway.

I LOVE the New Yorker cover. Sure I'm probably biased because I recognized myself as well as Mr. Groff right away, but the idea of the Social Network coming to life is just so fun. Makes me wish they'd done something like that in the "Tron" sequel.

Turning the buildings into photo collections and the Times Square boards into ads! Inspiring! The brushed aluminum and blue piping on the transportation. Wow.

Thanks for sharing and please keep us up to speed of your progress!