Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sketch-a-day Challenge: Day 4

Here's a pen drawing I did of that "Art Explore Post" thing.  I did the drawing a little while ago, but watercolored it today.  It's going to be for my sketchbook for illustration methods class, where we need a couple of interiors with 3 or more figures in them.

It shows Mr. Tardino, who I did do mostly from viewing a photo he let me take of him on my digital camera's display screen, since he was going around the room a lot.  The rest was done from life with micron pen on watercolor paper.  

EDIT:  Wowzers, does this image ever match the colors of my blog nicely!  

1 comment:

Thom Glick said...

This is great. You totally captured the Tardino posture. Great composition too.