Monday, March 2, 2009

Sketch-a-day Challenge: Day 6

This is  "steampunk" pen design for a stationary type set we're designing for my illustration methods class.  The little gear in the clear part sticks out of half the pen shaft slightly, allowing the writer to retract the ball-point pen nib into the pen.  The ball-point part hides underneath the pseudo-ink dip tip, which is actually made out of a dulled rubbery plastic to keep it from poking holes in backpacks (or people!).  The end part is actually an electric vibrating eraser that's designed to erase pen (I've heard of these-- supposedly they're pretty nifty!).

I also have some sketches for a steampunk backpack, binder, notebook, planner, and other stuff but I did them traditionally and don't feel like scanning 'em in.

Anyway... probably should wean myself away from posting school assignment sketches and WIPs, as the point of creating this blog was to encourage myself to grow with personal stuff... :-\  

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