Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Second Revival

Wow... last update was March 9th?

I realized that when googling my name, this blog kept showing up at top, and I doubt the presence of a failed sketch-a-day challenge consisting of a few crappy sketches that are several months old is a good first impression!

My excuse this time is that the longer one waits, the more awkward it feels to break the ice with a new post.  A self-feeding cycle at it's best!

I haven't been absent from blogger though.  I've posted many of the things I did this summer on a group of CCAD illustration students called "Oondu".  (

I've also recently started a "sketchbook" at  Here's the thread:

I figure I have no excuse not to update my blog if I'm already updating my sketchbook.  After all, 90% of the work is scanning and resizing images, right?

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