Saturday, September 5, 2009

Advanced Structural Drawing Basics

Hmm, title is kinda oxymoronic, haha...

Mmkay, here's my first official homework assignment for advanced structural. Two things about this class:
1. No rulers allowed
2. No erasing allowed. (We're only allowed to use colored pencils.)

First, we had to draw a ton of lines and circles-- fill 10 big pages (18" x 24") with lines, 10 with circles/ellipses. The first images is an example of the line exercise. Good for warming up.

And then rotate two shapes into 9 different views, according to a blueprint showing the top, front, and right views of the shapes. It got a little tricky when you're just looking at a front and side view and having to figure out the back view, while rotating the entire thing 180 degrees on one axis, and 90 degrees on the other, and trying to keep it in proportion! (Luckily, correct proportions aren't crucial to this assignment.)

It was kind of fun actually, if you treat it like a puzzle. It was like some of those spacial problems on the IQ tests.

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Joshua Minto said...

Man, after an entire course of drawing for engineers I developed a hatred for those little 3D modules at OSU. You really did a hell of a job with those though!