Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More figure speedpainting, and a crappy palette knife landscape!

Mmkay... here's an update!

Some more figure painting and step-by-step of one of them, this time without captions because they would probably be pretty similar to the one I already posted above.

The first image was an interesting experience, because it was an attempt to get good color despite low lighting (it probably looks even darker on my monitor since my monitor is darker than average), as well as a combination of natural and artificial light.

Followed by some gestures and a shorter drawing.

I also uploaded another crappy "all palette knife" painting, this one done directly on location (river in Downtown Columbus) instead of from a small value study.
I think I spent more time riding there, unpacking, setting up my new portable easel, then packing up to get out of the rain, wait for the rain to stop, move back to my spot, and then clean up and unpack, then ride back, than I did painting... Seems like it anyway. Probably an hour and a half of honest-to-goodness painting, less if you count mixing all the colors.

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Alex Lyon said...

Damn that Pallet Knife painting! haha These are some really great digital figure studies. I diggs them. I need to jump on here are check it out more often I'm thinking.