Saturday, January 2, 2010

EOW #130: The Water of Life at the World's End

This was done for the latest Environment of the Week.  VOTE HERE:

(I'm still tweaking it, too.)

I realized I hadn't really done much surreal/fantasy work.  Never really felt like I could identify with it so much, but I did really enjoy making this piece.  It was a challenge, though.  I ended up solving a couple of my problems using 3D.  For example, I initially sculpted the actual water in modo 302, then applying a water material (refraction index 1.33, just like in real water) in order to figure out the distortion of the figures underneath.  But I really backed myself into a corner compositionally.

In fact, it's got some problems what probably can't be solved unless I overall the whole thing, so it's probably a good idea to move on.  But big thanks to the awesome folks at the critique center at for helping me out with a myriad of issues.  Juggling a complex image is so hard to do objectively!

The 3D really makes terrible reference compared to a good photo.  Thanks to my brother for letting me take this ref of him.  I'm lucky to have him at hand while I'm home for break!


Wes McBride said...

This concept is very interesting!

I think compositionally it works great. I mean, I started out looking at the back and came out to the arm and trickled down towards the right to see the background. There's a nice fluid movement throughout the whole piece. I don't see a problem with it. :)

Glad to hear the CA folks could help you out with the technical issues you were having too.

Zirngibism said...

It's certainly working out a little better than it was before.
But I don't think it has the "quick read" clarity that's required to get anything in SOI. Even if it does take a person's eye around it, if it requires more than a couple of seconds to tell what's going on, then it's not working in that way.

And yeah, the people at CA are awesome. I recommend making an account if you haven't already.