Sunday, December 27, 2009

EOW 129: War Zone

Here's something I did for another Environment of the Week over at CA.  The topic was "War Zone".
(As you can see, there were a lot of awesome entries!)

     Yes, I know the perspective is off.  I wanted to try out doing a composition without worrying about it this time, as I've been told that when I obey it too closely, my things are stiff looking.  And for something like a war zone, shouldn't everything be a little cockeyed to suggest distress?
     Anyway, the foreground tower implies a lower horizon line than the back (though I had been hoping the viewer would interpret the background as being on a lower plane, as I'd intended.  Guess I failed at that, as several critiquers pointed out; next time I'll have to find a happy medium.

Anyway, here's a backstory/explanation I came up for it:
My concept is not a war on an city, but instead a near-future economic war in which factories and chemical refineries are attacked. Sort of a war to sabotage the resources of the opposing side instead of directly going after civilians themselves.

Perhaps this could be an environmental war, where extremist environmentalists with a cleaner but more expensive technology resort to terroristic means by taking down major refineries in order to raise the price of their less eco-friendly competition so that their own methods are also cheaper by comparison.

So in this scene, the opposing side/eco warriors have set up rocket launchers on the upper scaffolds (that's what that gun thing is in the relative foreground) and are aiming at storage tanks.

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