Friday, September 9, 2011

Catching Up, pt. 3

OK, here's the final part of my foundation's semester work.  Some will look like repeats but it has been tweaked and updated.

Refined this one a bit.

Refined that cast drawing.  Could certainly be a never-ending process!

Here's a better layout of my Portal turret design.

And here's some newer, rougher stuff from foundations.  The following 4 are quick composition studies from works I love, mostly traditional painting/illustration but also some modern commercial stuff.

Here are a few I made up for a couple given emotions. It's more challenging than it seems after awhile, especially for hope/joy as opposed to fear.

Here's an example of a couple of the digital color studies I did.  It was also an excuse to get more acquainted with Painter.

Here's an example of compositional re-engineering.  I'll admit this isn't a good piece, but it  was fun and challenging in its own way and I think I got something out of it.

Here are a couple examples of the many "figure turnarounds" Marshall gave us.  The objective was to do it daily.  I'll admit I fell short of that...

Quick jumping gesture studies in class

Click to watch the animation I made by compiling a figure spinning exercise.

Started modeling this when I was new to 3DS Max.  I had a hard time with the topology but, 3D modeling is a good way to study form when you're forced to geometrify.
My attempt to model a swiss army knife, and make its file texture with just mesh.  You can see the weirdness that followed...

WIP of Bonnie & Clyde before they were gunned down.
First page sketch of a comic I'm working on, based on the vibe of  Little Nemo.  It has to do with my world actually being made of polygons, and pulling up a little thread ends up tearing up the whole fabric of spacetime.

Whew!  So as you can see, I was busy during last semester.  And this was on top of my freelance stuff, which I can't show here yet.


Erik Johnson said...

I'm taking your suggestion and doing some thumbnail size composition studies. Great excuse to go digging through the archive, inspiration for my latest projects and helpful for getting me out of my current funk.

Its also helpful in how recently I realized that my time might be better spent on resolving ideas or "telling stories" rather than just working on gesture. Sure there are plenty of benefits to that, but if I really want to work in a commercial setting I need to start pumping "this is whats happening" angle over my usual "this is what it looks like" angle.

So Thanks. A timely post to say the least.

Erik Johnson said...

Also, I'm digging this "Poly" comic punchline with the one loose thread tearing up the whole medium. Very "fourth wall" medium awareness kind of humor, and a reminder of how I need to get back to sequential storytelling like this.

Kirsten Zirngibl said...

My teacher called those little comp studies "vitamins." which I think is a great way to describe it. And those figure turnarounds (where you take an athlete or something and draw them like 90 degrees from the other side) are a great way to free oneself from reference.