Monday, December 14, 2009

Landscape Painting Stuff

Landscape painting homework-- we had to do two of the same view under different lighting/mood conditions.  I fell in love with this view/composition from the third floor in the Crane Center, but we aren't allowed to paint in that building.  So I brought my laptop and did two underpaintings from life, then printed them out on watercolor paper and painted over.  By using a lot of matte medium, I was able to make it work relatively seamlessly.

This is the night version of the same scene; a modified version as it got darker.

This was done from life from a class window, that building on the left is the faith mission church.  I think it was a little over a session.  It's a pretty small painting, done in a watercolor sketchbook.

Also done from my class window-- this is barely through the underpainting because I had a little less than half a class.  Corner of Grant and High I believe.

Ahhh... yet another underpainting.  This was over at Highbanks park, I believe.  Kind of a long drive from downtown Columbus, which kind of took away from the painting time... :-(  I was planning on two sessions to finish this one, but was unable to make it the second time to take it past this stage.

Part of a series for a self-determined project in my landscape painting class.  This and the two below are an experimental approach to rendering the scenes first in 3D to establish an under-image, printing them out on watercolor paper, and acrylicing over to finalize.

Hopefully I can finish over break.

My least developed one so far.  Not sure what "recognizable element" I should put in this to establish the sense of scale.

This one started off with a glitch in the 3D program's "rainy" atmosphere.  A variation on the 1st scene, where I decided to play with the relationship between positive and negative shapes.

An unfinished digital painting from life down in a woods area at (I believe) highbanks park.  I really should've spent less time getting the branches right and knocked in that foliage to at least make an impression of the woods first.  Ah, live and learn...

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