Monday, December 14, 2009

Miscellaneous illustration stuff various degrees of finish.

An illustration of "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"... without Lucy.  I did this for Professional Practice class.  It was kind of tricky, in that I was trying to show the manufactured quality of the things in the song (cellophane flowers, looking-glass ties,  rocking-horse people, taxis and trains, etc...) without losing the nebulous and flowing quality associated with all things psychedelic.

I ended up (stupidly) pulling the whole thing together in one night, because of a bad lapse in judgement, namely, the original plan to do the entire scene in 3D.  I actually built up the cellophane flowers in these really complicated bits of decimated architectural geometry, but realized the day before that it simply was NOT working out the way I had planned it to.

So I was forced to just pull what I could together in Photoshop.  I don't think it worked out necessarily badly, but I think I could've pushed it a lot further.

I should've known the limits of my tools before diving in...

An illustration where I squeezed a crap-ton (>20) of youtube poop inside jokes into a single panel.  If you know what it's referring to you're probably going to enjoy it a lot more than the average sane viewer.  I had been hoping to render it out photorealistically, but ran out of time.  I may decide to do it over break if I feel like it.

Another WIP, of a "volcano man (god?)" who, in his rage, is spurtint out lava that is simultaneously cementing him in the ground.  I was going to have a nondescript villiage in the foreground.

It was an idea I had towards the end of my freshman year.  I shot reference and started it but ended up petering out, so I decided to resurrect it for an open-ended styles and concepts project.

There are a lot of problems with this, still, one being that of where to take the eye.  The mouth area and lower pool area are kind of competiting.  I had been hoping to make sort of a "visual dialog" between the areas, to make the viewer bounce back and forth, but I think the whole illustration just looks kind of stagnant and hard to read at this stage.

Just a goofy in-class assignment for professional practices class.  I think we had around an hour and a half (though less in reality) to get the assignment, conceptualize, execute, and (in my case) print.

A rough value study for a future personal illustration that blends the fantastical with memories of my childhood, specifically all the weird stuff I did/put in trees.

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