Monday, December 14, 2009

Some earlier stuff I missed putting up

Wow, I didn't realize how long I'd gone without putting up anything, so I just remembered to put up the second Provantage cover I illustrated, which was actually finished at the end of October.  I only did the illustration, the graphic design was done by Mark Filipiac, the art director.

You can also see the site banner that went with it, here:

Now, while I was doing this cover, my styles and concepts class had a "game concept" project, so I decided do make a game theme that would go along with my Provantage cover, so I came up with a concept centered around a "high tech" christmas.  I looked at old central and northern European architecture and how to make it futuristic.  It was really fun.  I'll post the story description later on, probably.

I enjoyed thinking about the designs so much that I might want to make this the theme of my project for illustrative drawing next semester.

Here are some of the initial designs for the game, which would be a PvP type of thing similar to TF2.  A couple were done on the Wacom Cintiq, most of the others were just rough sketchbook scans:

Storyboard for the cutscenes.

Here's Santa in his full get-up.  He made a deal with Uncle Sam that results in the Christmas faction having a LOT of fireworks-based weapons.
Santa could definitely use some refining.

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